Social Media Platforms Monthly Active Users by Ownership Group In the midst of the debate about whether or not Facebook has a monopoly on Social Media, I decided to show which platforms are owned by which companies. There are couple issues here. First, there is wide overlap between all of the platforms listed. The graphic does not show as much unique users, but how many opportunities each company has to interface with a user. The second problem comes from the inclusion of Messenger. The app/website is standalone and used by many people without Facebook. However, its origins as a messenging service specifically for Facebook users means that most users do also have Facebook accounts.
I stopped listing platforms at 310 million MAU, because the data for platforms below that point was poor. Note: If LinkedIn and Skype do have 303 and 300 million MAUs, as Statista claims, that would put Microsoft solidly in fourth position on this chart.
If platforms begin to reveal more transparent usage numbers, I may return to this visualization and create a more accurate representation of the companies' reach.

Sources: Statista (This source is now behind a paywall, though it was not when I first accessed it) Visualized 5/26 Posted on Reddit and Instagram
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