Top Playoff Scorers by TS% This scatterplot tells us a few things: Kevin Durant is amazing, Kawhi is also amazing, and Donovan Mitchell is struggling as Utah's only offensive threat. Other notable standouts: Steph Curry, James Harden, and D'Angelo Russell.
It's important to note that I used all playoff players to calculate the mean TS%.

I changed the parameters slightly, increasing the limits to include the top 30 scorers. Then, I organized the scorers by their Z-scores. This revealed a few things: Montrezl Harrell has been monstrous as a medium-volume high-efficiency scorer for the Clippers. Eric Gordon's efficiency also stands out.
Like in the previous chart, the standard deviation and mean were based on all the players in the playoffs.
Plans: I want to recreate both of these charts at multiple points throughout next regular season.

Sources: Basketball-Reference Visualized 5/27 Posted on Instagram
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