Renewable Energy Investment by Percent of GDP I wanted to create this so I could easily show which countries were investing the most into renewables research relative to their total economic output. Unfortunately, I was only able to find data for a handful of countries. There was enough data to meaningfully compare some of the largest nations, but wide swaths of Europe, Asia, and Africa were missing from the dataset.
Notably, Rwanda and Jordan both had incredible investments in renewables compared to their economic size, leading me to exclude them from the visualization, because they made the rest of the countries effectively indistinguishable. Still, they should be recognized for their level of investment. Outside of those two, China, Egypt, and El Salvador stood out as big investors.
Hopefully, more data on renewables becomes available in the near future, because I would love to revisit this and visualize the data in more detail and with a larger reach.

Sources: UNEP and World Bank Visualized 5/31 Posted on Instagram
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