NBA Draft Classes by Position: 2014 - 2019 I wanted to take a look at which positions were being drafted over the past six years. For players listed as multiple positions, I listed the position they played most during the 2018-2019 nba season. The one 2018-2019 player listed as two positions (RJ Barrett) was listed as a shooting guard. Only the top 30 draft picks for each year were considered.
Two things of note: First, all five positions have been drafted at #1 in the past six years, with center appearing twice. Second, six shooting guards were drafted in a row in 2018. Apart from these shallow takeaways, this visual was fairly difficult to interpret, so I looked at composition.

Immediately, the prevalence of powerforwards and shooting guards becomes clear. Additionally, the number of Centers is quite small.
The total counts for each position are:
31 Point Guards
42 Shooting guards
35 Small Forwards
48 Power Forwards
24 Centers

Source: Basketball-Reference and Wikipedia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Visualized 6/21 Posted on Instagram
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