Presidential Elections by State: 1980 to 2016 This visualization shows the difference between the percentage of the vote for the two main parties. Voter turnout was calculated as the total votes cast divided by the voting eligible population in that state. Washington D.C. skews very far to the left, so it was omitted it from the graph.
This line graph shows the voting differential, and also include the 1976 election, but have no turnout statistics.
These final two line charts isolate some notable states, and have Washington D.C. removed from consideration again.
This final plot shows all the elections in detail. It's main purpose is to clarify any final questions that could not be answered by the previous visualizations. Like the line graph, it does not include turnout, but does include the 1976 election.
Source: MIT Election Data Lab and United States Election Project Visualized 7/9 Posted on Reddit, Instagram [Post 1] [Post 2], and source code on Github
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