The Middle East by Gender Inequality A significant amount of press has gone recently towards gender inequality in the Middle East, so I wanted to plot clearly the state of gender relations throughout the Middle East today. Palestine was not included in the UN data, so that area was left blank.
Overall, two countries stood out. Israel had significantly better gender equality than other countries, on par with any other western liberal democracy. Yemen, on the other side of the spectrum, stuck out clearly with large levels of gender inequality.
The line graph agrees overall with the map, though it adds context from previous years of data. It becomes clear that Yemen's inequality cannot be traced back solely to the current civil war, but has been an issue for at least two decades. The line chart also shows massive steps forward in equality for Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Pakistan, and Kuwait within the last couple decades, though there is undoubtedly still large amounts of work to be done in those countries.
Sources: UNDP Human Development Reports Visualized 7/29 Posted on Reddit and Instagram
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