Number of Donations for 2020 Democrats This first visualization looks at the total donations for each democratic candidate. It's interesting to see the discrepancy between number of individual donors and amount raised. For example, despite having significantly fewer donors, Buttigieg manages to pass Warren and come near Sanders in total amount raised, indicating that Buttigieg has a much higher average donation than those two. Similar stories appear throughout the graph.
It's probably also important to note this data's age. For example, since June 30, both Gabbard and Yang have crossed 130,000 unique donors.
This visualization has less clear value than the previous one. Still, it's interesting to view which candidates are supported by the most billionaires. The numbers might indicate which candidates have the best pitches behind closed doors, as well as their potential approach to the wealthy once in office.
Sources: The New York Times and Forbes Visualized 8/10 Posted on Instagram
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