Successful Lengths and Characters for NBA Player Names This visualization was a non-serious attempt to analyze the correlation between name composition and nba player success. I took the first and last names of all 2018-2019 NBA players and calculated their length and character counts. I plotted these against their 2018-2019 WS and determined from that what the optimal name length and composition would be. I plotted this as a scatter plot and a smoothed line to determine the optimal length. The maximum occurred somewhere just above 11, but since the NBA is yet to allow partial characters in names, I settled with an 11 character name. (The worst length for a name was 7 characters) I plotted this as a bar graph showing each letter’s Average WS. From this, I determined that P was the best letter and Q the worst letter for an NBA player name.
Best Name: 10 Ps and 1 space
Ex: Pppppp Pppp
Worst Name: 6 Qs and 1 space
Ex: Qqq Qqq

If we constrain the results to being pronounceable in English, we also need to look at the best and worst vowels. (U and O respectively)
Best Pronounceable Name: 7 Ps, 3 Us, and 1 Space
Ex: Pupupp Pupp
Worst Pronounceable Name: 4 Qs, 2 Os, and 1 Space
Ex: Qoq Qoq

Additional Unrelated Plots Sources: Basketball Reference Visualized 8/19 Posted on Reddit and Instagram
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