Obesity In Georgia Within public health, obesity has consistently emerged as one of the leading causes of disease and health issues for Americans. Specifically, I wanted to examine the rural/urban gap in obesity and how people in less populated areas are at higher risk of obesity. To do that, I looked at GA (my home state) and then at obesity and population mapped across GA. For fun, I mapped the incidence of Farmers Markets too. I was impressed with the clear visual representation that Atlanta had significantly less obesity than the more rural areas of Georgia. Also, the number of Farmers Markets looked clearly related with population as well, as expected. Since my serious goal was to look at the relationship between population and obesity, I made a scatter plot. There wasn't a super obvious correlation just by eye, but it is difficult to find a correlation with so many low-population counties.
Sources: Georgia-Demographics, State of Obesity, County Health Rankings, GA Department of Agriculture Visualized 9/14 Posted on Reddit, Instagram, and Source Code on Github
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