Causes of Death in America by Age Group A look at the main causes of death for different age groups in 2017 America. An important note to make at the beginning is that these represent percentage deaths, not raw amounts. Directly by number of deaths, older americans die much more often than their younger counterparts. As expected, children under 5 died primarily from issues with childbirth and other infant-specific diseases, which I grouped into two distinct causes of death instead of many to avoid clutter. Another interesting thing I noted was that there were a number of deaths in people aged 5 - 49 and 70+, but zero diabetes related deaths for people aged 50 - 69. This might be a mistake on the end of the source, or people aged 50 - 69 might be uniquely safe from diabetes-related deaths.
Source: Our World in Data Visualized 9/30 Posted on Reddit, Instagram, and Source Code on Github
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